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Pacific Environmental Seminar Held in Chuuk, FSM

HPacific Environmental Seminar Held in Chuuk, FSM
(Professor Ori giving a lecture)

On February 23rd, 2024, the 5th Pacific Environmental Seminar took place in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.

Since the first “Symposium on Environmental Protection” was jointly held with Sophia University in July 2015, the Environmental Seminar series has been held four times in the Pacific: once in Palau, Marshall Islands, Pohnpei FSM, and Samoa. The series was also held three times in the Caribbean region: once in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. The Seminar in Chuuk is the fifth Pacific Environmental Seminar to take place in the Pacific.

This Seminar was originally scheduled to take place in March 2020, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. APIC President Shigeie timed his official visit to Micronesia and the Marshall Islands to coincide with the Seminar, and APIC Director Professor Torikai joined the trip alongside President Shigeie. APIC Director and Secretary Araki facilitated the events.

The Seminar began with President Shigeie’s opening remarks, followed by Sophia University Professor Ori’s keynote speech on the topic of “Sustainable Waste Management in Chuuk”. Following the keynote speech was a panel discussion under the topic of “Working Towards a Comprehensive Waste Management Plan”, moderated by Professor Anne McDonald, Director of Sophia University Island Sustainability Institute and Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies professor. Panelists included two of Professor McDonald’s former students at the School of Global Environmental Studies and APIC-MCT exchange students, Mr. Brad Mori, currently the Executive Director of the Chuuk Environmental Protection Agency; and Ms. Shaniah Arnold, who returned home after graduating from Sophia’s School of Environmental Studies in September 2023, and is now working at CEPA. Other panelists were Ms. Joyce Sewell, Ms. Lidy Serious of Chuuk Women’s Council, and Mr. Kembo Mida, CEO of Chuuk Public Utility Corporation. A lively discussion took place, focused on the environmental challenges Chuuk is facing.

There were approximately thirty audience members listening to the panel discussion, including officials from water and sewage works, as well serving as an educational opportunity for nine local middle and high school students who also attended. The discussion ended with a summary from Professor McDonald, and APIC Director Torikai’s closing remarks.
Pacific Environmental Seminar Held in Chuuk, FSM
(Professor McDonald (third from left) and panelists during the discussion)

Pacific Environmental Seminar Held in Chuuk, FSM
(Ms. Shaniah Arnold)

Pacific Environmental Seminar Held in Chuuk, FSM
(Director Torikai)


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