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Short-term Intensive Internship Begins

APIC Student Internship Program

APIC is starting a long-term internship program and a short-term program to help develop problem-solving skills in the field of international cooperation. The intern students will help attend to high-profile leaders visiting Japan, help plan development projects, help prepare for lectures, as well as create and edit APIC’s bulletin news.

The following three traits are desired in a global human resource:

1. A highly educated person

2. Excellent communication skills (Japanese and other languages)

3. Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

At APIC, our interns will go through an intense program to train their problem-solving skills. Specifically, they will help attend to important guests from overseas, help prepare for the monthly “Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”, aid in developing the Pacific and Caribbean Support Project, provide support to Xavier High School exchange students, regularly update APIC’s homepage, prepare for the publishing of APIC’s bulletin magazine, among other work.

Long-term intern students will be arranged with the help of the University Student Chamber of Japan (UNISC), with participating school including Sekei University, Keio University, Gakushu-in University, and Tsuda University. Currently, students from Waseda University and ICU are participating in the program year-round.

Students from Sophia University will be participating in the short-term internship program under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between APIC and Sophia University. Students will intern at APIC during their break from school and do a concentrated study program. The program started in the summer of 2015, with two students from Sophia University interning at APIC for about one month, performing various functions in the office.

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