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2nd term APIC-MCT Exchange Student Graduates, article in Local Press

2nd term APIC-MCT Exchange Student Graduates, article in Local Press

(3rd term APIC-MCT exchange student Annette (left) and 2nd term APIC-MCT exchange student Tamae (right))

On September 18th, 2020, Ms. Tamae Waguk of the Federated States of Micronesia, a 2nd term APIC-MCT exchange student, graduated after completing her two-year master’s program at Sophia University Graduate School. Tamae’s activities and time spent at Sophia Graduate School and her path after graduation were reported on in the local newspapers.

The APIC-MCT Exchange Student Scholarship Program is based on a cooperation agreement between Sophia University, MCT (Micronesia Conservation Trust), and APIC. The goal of the agreement is to education and develop human resources in the field of environmental protection, sending exchange students from the three countries of Micronesia to study at Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies in order to obtain their master’s degree. Since its launch in 2017, three students have graduated from the program thus far, and currently four students are conducting research on their individual subjects.

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