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APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship

The APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship is a unique program that introduces leading journalists from Oceania and the Caribbean to Japan, while also challenging them to sharpen their professional skills and learn from each other.

Unlike other programs that bring journalists to Japan, the APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship requires that all participants first be nominated and then they must apply and be selected by the program’s coordinator.

In its first five years, the APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship has introduced nearly 30 journalists from the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean to Japan. Particiants are expected to produce at least one story a day based on that day’s interviews and site visits. Those journalists, most senior reporters and editors, have produced nearly 200 newspaper and magazine reports, blogs, social media posts, and radio and video features about Japan.

The Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC), a Tokyo-based private foundation that nurtures Japan’s relations with the Pacific and Caribbean, sponsors the Fellowship. Veteran American journalist and media executive Floyd K. Takeuchi, has served as program coordinator since the inception of the Fellowship.

Programs we have held in the past

Pacific and Caribbean Journalists Program 2019
(Photo of the program of 2019)
Every year since 2015, the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC) in association with the Foreign Press Center Japan (FPCJ) hosts senior journalists from the Pacific and Caribbean in Japan.

Please click HERE for information of the programs we have held in the past.

Participants of the past & stories


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APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship Pacific Islands

- Mr. Ongerung Kambes Kesolei, TIA BELAU Newspaper (2018)
Japan eases multiple-entry visa for Palauans
Lessons of an Eco-Town
Japan and Palau- a tale of two floods
Kumejima Model – an island move toward self-sufficiency
A resilience lesson from most unlikely place

- Ms. Leilani Reklai, Island Times (2019)
Public engagement spells success for Tsurumi Recycling Center
Japan leads in disaster risk reduction
Japan emperor enthroned amidst storms
No one left behind, committed volunteering
A treasure in Kumamoto
From ruins to renaissance
Innovative technology creates value for small island town
APIC 2019 sucessfully concluded

- Mr. Bill Jaynes, The Kaselehlie Press (2015)
Japan’s Ministry of Education funds nutrition education campaign at Suginami School
Toyota City town a showcase for ecologically sustainable community living
Kyoto grass roots business employs Kyoto women and shares culture with tourists
With JICA support Okinawa NGO talks trash in the Pacific
Japan and Pacific Islands Countries face similar problems — self starters solve them
As Japan solves its power needs it may be solving the problem for Pacific Island Countries as well

- Mr. Giff Johnson, Marshall Islands Journal (2015)
Japan launches 450m aid program for Pacific
Benefits of creating eco-friendly cities
Japan Taking small steps to get technology right
Short takes from a Japan visit
Power of tradition provides a platform for modern times
Islands miss out by not linking health, culture and education

- Ms. Taliilagi Keresoma, Talamua Online (2017)

- Ms. Christine Moetala-Faiupu, KVZK-TV (2017)

- Ms. Monica Miller, Southseas Broadcasting (2018)
Konnichiwa from Tokyo, Japan.
I survived a magnitude 7 earthquake in Japan
Making use of deep ocean water to make cosmetics
Journalist makes disaster preparedness his mission
A taste of Japanese traditions in busy Tokyo

- Ms. Titi Gabi, LOOP PNG (2015)
Information gap in PNG/Japan cooperation
Transport Efficiency
Look at Kumejima
Preserving our cultural heritage

- Ms. Quintina Naime, LOOP PNG (2016)
We should take a leaf out of Japan’s book
Awareness vital in city waste management
Japan promotes sustainability to address global warming
The power of community engagement
Japan shows effective monitoring for natural hazards
Japan's tsunami hit city on road to recovery
Stockpile warehouses vital for disaster preparedness
Media plays vital role in disaster preparedness
PNG can learn from japan in disaster preparedness: Journalist

- Mr. Samisoni Pareti, Islands Business (2015)
Take away messages in good food, disaster ready and email etiquette
Smart car, smart people
A journey of self-discovery over temples and tea
Managing island communities
Kumejima, Okinawa

- Mr. Tevita Vuibau, Fiji Times (2016)

- Ms. Rachna Nath, Fiji Television (2017)
Could Community Based Recycling Work for Fiji?
Japan Drives Fiji to Become Pacific’s “Meteorological” Hub
Konnichiwa & Bula! Welcome to Fiji.
Fiji & Japan Strengthen Trade Relations
Staying One Step Ahead of a Natural Disaster
What Could Fiji Learn from Japan’s Recycling Hype
Fiji Time JAN FEB 2018

- Mr. Anish Chand, Islands Business (2018)
Japan May Consider Visa Waiver for Pacific Island Nations
Sendai is disaster-ready

- Ms. Linny Folau, Matangi Tonga (2015)
Pacific journalists join invitation program in Japan

- Mr. Sione Taukapo, Talaki Newspaper (2016)

- Mr. Iliesa Tora, Nuku'alofa Times (2019)
Pacific lead in Waste Management
Pacific needs help as the most vulnerable, says JICA
Respect will bring harmony in society
Lack of multi-language emergency alerts leaves foreigners vulnerable
Awareness and ownership key to success
Learning makes people resilient and prepared
State and council partner to provide housing
Former nurse enjoys being a volunteer worker
Volunteer advocate says hearing people out is critical
Tora advocates need for environment journalists to do the job (Written by Rena Peterson, intern student)
My Kumejima experience

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APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship Caribbean Islands

- Mr. Amitabh Sharma, The Gleaner Company (2016)
From trash to cash
Tokyo Sky Tree Tradition in harmony with technology
Spared by the Divine
Hope for a safer tomorrow
It takes a newsroom to educate
Hope for a safer tomorrow
Water to power future cars, homes
Japan tsunami unites a community
Tsunami shapes future of community
Hope for a safer tomorrow
Early lessons in disaster preparedness
Japanese apartment complex a model for effective waste management
Seamless info flow key to Japan's disaster management
Recollections from a devastating tsunami

- Ms. Glenda A. Allen, The Gleaner Company (2017)
Japanese school uses innovative techniques for disaster preparedness
Unique Tokyo museum imparts lessons in Anime
Preparing for the Inevitable
Tokyo’s Skytree tower, simply awesome

- Mr. Christopher Serju, The Gleaner Company (2019)
New Japanese Emperor Ascends Throne Today
Japan Quake Survivor Still Shaken By Memories
Turning The Tide On Solid Waste, Marine Pollution
Extracting Cash From Trash
The greening of Tokyo Skytree
Making solid waste more manageable
Stepping out of line in the East
Learning at lunch

- Mr. Andre Huie, Palm Branch Media (2019)
SKN Newsline in Japan

- Mr. Kenton Chance, iWitness News (2018)
Vincy in Pacific-Caribbean Journalists Program in Japan
Ingrained respect for law helps Japan’s disaster recovery
SVG has Japan’s support in Security Council seat bid?
Japan’s C’bean fisheries aid suggests a whaling link
Kenton in Kimono
For this guide, the tour is personal
Lessons for SVG from Japan’s 2011 tsunami
FEATURE: Caribbean countries taking more than just passing interest in tsunamis
C'bean countries taking more than just passing interest in Tsunamis
‘Kawasaki!’ Is this what came to mind?
Japan flood control, Japanese-style
Reflections of a Vincy journalist on a Japanese island
What I learnt while eating like a monk

- Ms. Anisha Samuel, The Grenadian Voice (2017)
Local Journalist learnt best practices in disaster preparedness and mitigation in Japan
Earthquake survival education
Hurricanes delay Grenada’s observance of World Tsunami Awareness Day
Japan, rich in Culture and Heritage
Japan seeks to address issue of declining population
Grenada looking for alternative to land filling
Japan equips Grenada’s Fire Department
Disaster Management Education in schools – A Must!!
Japanese Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) funds first pre-school in La Mode
Disaster can strike anytime. Get ready!

- Mr. Barry Alleyne, Nation Newspaper (2017)
The little city that could
Tokyo’s Skytree stands firm over city
Floating on wheels
The container deposit option
Quake survivors bounce back
Town fights back
Pupils drilled for natural disaster
apan eager to help with disaster management

- Ms. Shaliza Hassanali, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian (2016)
Condo values rise with trash recycling system
Japanese executive: Media must educate about disaster preparedness

- Ms. Natalie Kim Boodram, Trinidad Express (2018)
Disaster learning centres for T&T?

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-2019.12.25 UPDATE
EVENTS “Jamaica Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade Bilateral Relations Deputy Director Invitation Program”

-2019.12.23 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 364th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.11.28 UPDATE
EVENTS “College of Micronesia Student Invitation Program”

-2019.11.21 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 363rd Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.11.21 UPDATE
EVENTS “Federated States of Micronesia President Panuelo Reception”

-2019.11.18 UPDATE
EVENTS “APIC Congratulates FSM Ambassador Kasio Mida on Receiving Imperial Honors”

-2019.10.31 UPDATE
EVENTS “President of the Republic of Fiji and APIC President Sato Hold Talks”

-2019.10.18 UPDATE
EVENTS “Amacho & APIC Sign MoU”

-2019.10.18 UPDATE
EVENTS “Preliminary Research Conducted in Samoa”

-2019.10.18 UPDATE
PROJECTS “3rd Term MCT Exchange Students Enter Sophia University Graduate School”

-2019.10.18 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Summer Semester 2019 Tsuda University Short-term Internship Program”

-2019.10.11 UPDATE
EVENTS “Barbados Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports Invitation Program”

-2019.9.20 UPDATE
EVENTS “Office Relocation”

-2019.9.20 UPDATE
EVENTS “Sophia University Micronesia Exposure Tour‘19”

-2019.9.20 UPDATE
EVENTS “Visit to Caribbean Islands with Sophia University President Terumichi”

-2019.9.19 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 361st Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.9.9 UPDATE
PROJECTS “News from Haiti: Vol. 10 part 1”

-2019.8.30 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Interview: Masato Honda, APIC Trustee (Toshin International Corp. Honorary Chairman)”

-2019.8.26 UPDATE
EVENTS “Yapp Catholic High School Invitation Program”

-2019.8.23 UPDATE
EVENTS “Chuuk State, Micronesia Young Leaders (tourism) Invitation Program”

-2019.8.1 UPDATE
EVENTS “Samoa Finance Minister & Chief Executive Officer Invitation Program”

-2019.8.1 UPDATE
EVENTS “CARICOMM Marine Security Members Invitation Program”

-2019.6.20 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 359th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.5.22 UPDATE
EVENTS “Young Leaders Invitation Program: Micronesia”

-2019.5.16 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 358th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.4.26 UPDATE
EVENTS “FSM National Historic Preservation officer Mr. Augustine Kohler Invitation & Tour of Japan-Cambodia Bilateral World Heritage-related Facilities”

-2019.4.22 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 357th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.4.4 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 356th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.3.25 UPDATE
EVENTS “Pacific Environmental Seminar Held in Samoa”

-2019.3.15 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Fall Semester 2018 Sophia University Short-term Internship Program”

-2019.2.28 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 355th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.2.28 UPDATE
EVENTS “Federated States of Micronesia Tourism Promotion Mission”

-2019.2.4 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 354th Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.2.4 UPDATE
EVENTS “Pacific and Caribbean Student Invitation Program 2019”

-2019.1.17 UPDATE
PROJECTS “News from Haiti Vol. 9”

-2019.1.8 UPDATE
EVENTS “The 353rd Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues”

-2019.1.8 UPDATE
EVENTS “‛Island Sustainability Symposium' held at Sophia University”

-2019.1.8 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Interview: NID Chairman & Top Advisor Mr. Kouichi Komori”

-2019.1.8 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Interview: University of the West Indies Alumni Dane Miller”

-2019.1.8 UPDATE
PROJECTS “Interview: APIC-MCT Exchange Students Bradford and Bertha”

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