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Short-term Intensive Internship Begins

Short-term Intensive Internship Begins

(Center: APIC Director Peter Sato, from left: Reitaku Univ. junior Masaki Aoyanagi, Sophia University sophomores Saki Watanabe, Haruka Matsukawa, and Maya Shinano)

In February 2016, a short-term 21-day internship program was instituted. Four students participated in the internship; one student from Reitaku University, and three students from Sophia University. The interns started working on several international cooperation projects which APIC is involved in.

Our impressions after two weeks:

“Many of the things that I am doing at APIC are new to me, making every day a learning experience. I am looking forward to the upcoming visit to the Jamaican embassy and the ADB among others, and hope to show positive results in my work.” (Masaki Aoyanagi, junior, Reitaku Univ. Faculty of Foreign Languages)

“By focusing on and researching countries that most people are not familiar with, it helped me realize that the relationship Japan builds with these countries is extremely important. Experiencing first-hand international cooperation projects and being close to the people who drive these programs has given me a good opportunity to consider what the true form of ‘international cooperation’ is. During my remaining time, I hope to find a hint to the answer of what is the ideal state of international cooperation.” (Saki Watanabe, sophomore, Sophia University Faculty of Integrated Human Studies)

“I am learning countless new things every day thanks to everyone at APIC. Although the work I’ve done may be insignificant, when I think that it may be of help to the Pacific Island nations, I feel a great sense of motivation.” (Seika Matsukawa, sophomore, Sophia University Faculty of Global Studies)

“At the beginning I was very nervous, but everyone at the office gave a warm welcome and I am now learning new things every day and spending a meaningful time at APIC. I hope to keep trying my best and perform well in the second half of the internship.” (Maya Shinano, sophomore, Sophia University Faculty of Literature)

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