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Micronecia Students Exchange Program

Micronecia Students Exchange Program

 On 31st October, four students from Junior College of Micronecia arrived at Japan. For three weeks, they took part in the lectures and other activities outside campus with Japanese students at Reitaku University and Sophia University.

 Micronesia Junior College accepts students who participate in the summer training conducted by Reitaku University and Sophia University / Sophia University Junior College Division.And now, the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC) invites COM - FSM students to Japan and conducts a program to attend lectures at each university.We will aim to further assist exchanges between Japan and the Federated States of Micronesia through students exchange through joint training and homestay.


The Association for the Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC) is engaged in various development cooperation projects for the purpose of promoting international cooperation and deepening mutual understanding between Japan and various countries.

The following activities comprise the focus of the APIC mandate

1. Supporting development cooperation projects throughout the Pacific Island region
2. Supporting development cooperation projects throughout the Caribbean region
3. Organizing social meetings and symposia regarding global issues
4. Organizing social meetings regarding international cooperation
5. Supporting recipients of the "APIC-Sophia Xavier High School International Student Scholarship"
6. Training younger generations interested in international cooperation

APIC was established on September 8th 1975, for the pacific purpose of facilitating public understanding and cooperation on ODA through the provision of information regarding Official Development Assistance including ODA.

APIC was transformed into a general incorporated foundation following a legal revision on April 1st 2013, but still maintains its functions and activities according to its original mandate.

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