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Sophia Univ. President pays FSM President Courtesy Call -APIC directors accompany

Sophia Univ. President pays FSM President Courtesy Call -APIC directors accompany <br />

On August 21st, the Japanese Delegation planned by the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC) called on Federated States of Micronesian’s (FSM) President Mori. Participating in the Delegation was Sophia University President Mr. Takeshi Hayashita, Sophia University Junior College President Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto, and Sophia University Bureau of General Affairs Mr. Yoshihiko Miwa. Then-Ambassador to Micronesia Mr. Shoji Sato (APIC trustee the time this article was written), APIC Director Megumi Araki, and Micronesia Ambassador Mr. Masaki Sakai also attended.

The conference was held in the Presidential Office in the city of Palikir, Pohnpei State, FSM. President Mori welcomed the five Japanese representatives and discussed on the subject of education. President Mori expressed his excitement in his memorial visit to Sophia University under the school’s invitation in November, where he will be bestowed the titled of Honorary Doctorate.

Sophia University President Hayashita thanked President Mori for making time to receive the Japanese delegation, and expressed Sophia University and Junior University’s appreciation towards the President for his support of the considered MoU between Sophia and the College of Micronesia-Federated States of Micronesia (COM-FSM). President Hayashita also praised President Mori for the results his leadership has produced in advancing friendly ties between Japan and FSM, and conveyed the intent to present him with the title of Honorary Doctorate.

President Yamamoto of Sophia Junior College talked about Sophia Junior College students’ participation in an educational course on English language seminars, Micronesian culture and history which will take place next summer. This course was born from a MoU signed between Sophia Junior University and COM-FSM.

Lastly, President Mori mentioned APIC’s role in advancing the two countries’ relationship, and commended APIC’s efforts on the inauguration of the Xavier High School Exchange program and Sophia University, Sophia Junior University, and COM-FSM’s cooperative initiatives.


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