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Former President's Column Vol.3

Happy New Year from everyone at APIC. We look forward to your continued support of our endeavors throughout 2021.

APIC is focused on strengthening friendly ties with the Pacific and Caribbean island nations, carrying out projects such as the Federated States of Micronesia Xavier High School Exchange Student program, giving updates on the current state of international affairs and Japanese diplomatic policies through lecture events, and supporting international cooperation projects in domestic regional areas. However, 2020 saw the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many of our scheduled programs and events. In particular, APIC had no choice but to cancel and/or postpone programs that required international travel; however, we were able to continue support remotely for projects such as emergency aid for drought-prevention measures in Micronesia. Regarding APIC’s monthly Lecture Meeting Regarding Global Issues, with strict measures in place to prevent infection of COVID-19, we were able to hold the meeting several times and received a larger turnout than expected. Currently, in regards to the Xavier High School Exchange program, APIC is putting in all its effort to overcome any hardships the students may be facing due to the pandemic. APIC is planning several projects with regional areas, in particular Amacho, Shimane prefecture (Olympic and Paralympic host town of the Federated States of Micronesia-for further details please see APIC’s website).

COVID-19 looks to continue well into 2021, but I hope for a speedy end. APIC is looking toward the end of the pandemic and planning for brighter days ahead. The Pacific and Caribbean island regions are keeping their borders tight in order to overcome these difficult times, and APIC looks forward to the re-start of communications once again.

APIC will continue to develop and expand its projects even further throughout the upcoming year. We once again kindly ask for your continued support.

We offer our deepest sympathies to those who passed away due to COVID-19, and offer our prayers for a quick recovery of those infected by COVID-19.

January 1st, 2021

APIC President, Peter Yoshiyasu Sato


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